It allows developers to read, write, and update an IFC file in a few lines of codes. You will see that it is quite powerful. Two core libraries xBIM Essentials and xBIM Geometry are to be used for the creation of complex applications, other repositories under the xBIM Team page include a number of example applications to demonstrate its capabilities: Owners may insist on receiving a 3D model but, for the full picture, it should be linked to all of the other data created and collated on the project. If you would like to contribute to the source codes, please contact us. The level of detail is up to you. But what does that mean?

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These tools will help you spend less time searching for issues and more time refining your design New BIM Suggest analyses connections Select two building elements and BIM Suggest will analyze the connection between them. Much of the work will be distributed through Open Source, so keep watching. Getting Started Our main distribution channel is NuGet. Examples contain other code samples and snippets which present various xBIM features. Spread the word If you like xBIM, and would like to write about it on your blog, website or Facebook, please do so!

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