It has a brilliant comedic use of the chibi style, a fixation on panty shots, and more than one episode with a heavy gender bending twist. One of these students is Takeru. Geraldine is a gender transformation animation by Author de Pins. Sexual Chemistry Gender Transformation. Moments after the initial … Anime. He wishes she would stay with him … Anime.

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Infinite Stratos — episode 6 FtM Disguise. He takes it home and it works and floats around the city in … Anime. Two chums find one of those wish machines from the movie Big. Druaga No To Gender Transformation. Strike The Blood Body Swap.

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Nikutai Teni is a favourite for many of us It includes multiple bodyswaps, although just one male character who ends up in the body of two different girls in the first part and one other in the second. Rei Rei is about a goddess of love called Kaguya and her servant Pipi who go around doing good deeds that will encourage love. In the second episode of the OAV they have gone on a training camp at a … Anime. In episode 8 she gives up …. Another hilarious ecchi anime.

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