The girls find trouble in paradise in this one shot featuring the artwork of Phil Noto. Her name is a play on Silicon Valley. Kid Dynamo A villainous dwarf who has a giant grudge against Johnny Barracuda. She sometimes employs trick arrows much as those with transponders or explosive on them. This time an eastern neo-Axis syndicate known as the Kama Japanese word for sickle led by the Shogunner is gathering secret technology to complete a long-lost superweapon. Cover art by John Royle. His true name was never revealed throughout the series, but speculation always led the reader to believe he's James Bondas he makes a strong resemblance to Sean Connery 's incarnation of the cult-classic secret agent.

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He acts as a straight man for Kid Dynamo. Although he appears to be the stereotypical aristocratic villain, Conrad's image is largely an elaborate charade. Abbey, Sydney and company must hunt down a nefarious device that can remotely activate every nuclear missile on the planet. Features a new sexy ally named Ruby. Though spending the majority of her young life as a loner, Abbey is both a team player and a natural leader.

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Joe in order to save Scarlett and Flint from Cobra Command. The only success of the strange procedure, Maxim soon became dependent on the mysterious blue Übermensch fluid that supplies and sustains his massive size and strength. No one knows what he looks like beneath his mysterious mask, but he appears to have a connection with Abbey Chase. Scott Campbell , follows the adventures of newcomer Abbey Chase as she joins the Danger Girls to face the evil neo-Axis group known as the Hammer. Though Valerie could have easily secured a safe and lucrative career in the field of communications technology, her love of danger led to a chance encounter with Deuce

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