Air stripping is a mass transfer process in which volatile contaminants in water are transferred to the gaseous phase. Chemical-specific ground water clean-up goals may be waived because of the presence of an upgradient contamination source from another site. The hazard index for soil was calculated to be less than 1. From to the Site was occupied by Pasley Solvents and Chemicals Company Pasley and was used as a chemical distribution facility.

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As the remedy will result in hazardous substances remaining on site above health-based levels, a review will be conducted within five 5 years after commencement of the remedial action, and every five years thereafter, to ensure that the remedy continues to provide adequate protection of human health and the environment. We believe that a strong and diverse product portfolio, protected by a solid patent estate, is essential to delivering important new therapies to patients and building long-term value for Eagle stockholders. Upon review of the comments, it was determined that no significant changes to the preferred remedy, as it was originally identified in the Proposed Plan, were necessary. The alternatives identified for both soil and ground water are presented below: The short-term effectiveness and implementability of the ground water treatment alternative is high in that there is no exposure to contaminated ground water during implementation and the remedy employs standard equipment and well developed technologies. Overall Protection of Human Health and the Environment Soil Remediation Alternatives All the soil remediation alternatives are considered protective of human health and the environment except Alternative 1. At this meeting, representatives from EPA answered questions about problems at the Site and the remedial alternatives under consideration. Two of the contamination plumes exist in the Upper Glacial aquifer, and the third is present in both the Upper Glacial aquifer and the Magothy Formation. The following sections discuss how the selected remedy meets these statutory requirements.

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June 30 1883 Vol. 36 No. 940

The major components of the selected remedy include: The actual quantity of soil requiring treatment would be refined during the remedial design. Ground Water Alternatives The year present worth cost of Alternative 4.

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All the alternatives have minor short- term effects on the surrounding community, including increased vehicular traffic, a slight increase in noise level from construction equipment, and fugitive dust emissions. A best browser must have high speed connectivity, secure online activities with data saving features. Cost Effectiveness The selected remedy is cost effective and provides the greatest overall protectiveness proportionate to costs. For the semi- volatile compounds of interest, the contaminants di-n-butyl phthalate, naphthalene, bis- 2-ethylhexyl phthalate and floranthene have to be reduced below 50 ppm.

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Figure 7 illustrates surface soil sampling locations. However, in the Site area, it is believed that the two are hydraulically connected. The 30 year present worth cost is then calculated and expressed in current value terms.

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The maximum level of TVOIC contamination in this portion of the plume was 15 ppb for trans-1,2, dichloroethene. A summary of the non-carcinogenic risks associated with the chemicals of potential concern across various exposure pathways is found in Table The thickness of the Magothy aquifer is estimated at to feet in the Pasley study area.

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Circulation of air through the soil also would enhance the biodegradation of semi-volatiles in the unsaturated zone. The app is […] Filed Under: This is klarerweise by the selection of soil vacuuming, clearly an innovative technology. Off-site disposal of condensate would be necessary if this alternative was implemented before a ground water treatment system was constructed. This alternative allows for natural attenuation of the contaminants and includes institutional controls and monitoring.

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