The three elements of vernier caliper, viz. The external measurement diameter of a round section piece of steel is measured using a vernier caliper, metric scale. Last whole increment visible before the 0 zero mark Read the secondary scale measurement. Generally the width of measuringjaw is 10 mm for Metric System.

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Measuring Inside Dimensions The upper set of jaws on the caliper can be used to measure inside dimensions, such as the diameter of a hole on a piece of wood or metal. For example, a vernier scale could have 11 markings for every 10 on the main scale. This may be counterintuitive, but from this perspective the vernier moves to the left as the instrument turns to the right. For clarity sake, the length of visible portion of graduations on main scale on beam and vernier scale lines dimension h should be about times the width of interval between adjacent lines Refer Fig. Last whole increment visible before the 0 zero mark Read the secondary scale measurement. The movement of adjusting screw makes the part containing locking nut A and slidingjaw to move, as the adjusting screw rotates on a screw which is in a way fixed to the movable jaw. The combined width should be uniform throughout its length to within 0.

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In the diagram below, the 28th line on the circular scale coincides with the line. High precision instruments like the Vernier caliper do not leave room for many errors. Parallax error is the main type of error asked about in the exams.

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So with sharp eyes one might report this reading as The measuring surfaces of the fixed and sliding jaws should be coplanar to within 0. One end of the frame contains a fixed jaw which is shaped into a contact tip at its extremity. It means if the zero of main scale and zero of vernier coincide, then the first vernier division will read 0. This 21 is multiplied by 0.

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This ensures that your line of sight is perpendicular to the scale. The metric Vernier scale has ten or more equally spaced marks. Zero error can be of two types, positive zero error and negative zero error, if the vernier scale is to the left of the main scale than it is negative zero error and when the vernier sale is on the right side of the main scale than it is the positive zero error. The zero mark of the vernier scale is the index pointer for the main scale. The main scale is rigidly attached to the other jaw. In the image below, the main outer scale is graduated in intervals of 30 minutes.

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So, the reading would be 0. According to o level's pattern each division on the thimble represents a distance of 0. Also, the digital version requires a small battery whereas the manual version does not need any power source. This effect is called parallax. The micrometer should never be tightened to much as it can damage it. Where it Is Used The Vernier caliper is typically used in scientific labs and engineering schools where precise measurements are a must. But we want to do better than this!

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To get the total reading, add the two readings i-e 2. Then the reading will be 2. Never mind what the units are. On vernier scale, there are 10 divisions within a distance of 9. The reading should always be taken by keeping your eye perpendicular and directly above the reading.

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